Kollmorgen: Distributed Servo Drive System

The AKD-N reduces cabinet space and cabling hassle, simplifying machine design, setup and operation.

Aw 21473 1403np Kollmorgen

The dive system uses IP67-rated servo drives positioned next to the motors and supplied by a central power module located in the switchgear cabinet. An 11 mm diameter hybrid cable delivers power and fieldbus communication to the drives. As a result, the drives operate directly in series, supplying up to 4 kW per axis. Safe Torque Off functionality is integrated into the system and can be deactivated on an individual or collective basis. This enables machine builders to achieve safety requirements without adding additional contactors to the panel. Typical applications include packaging machines and production systems in the food and beverage industry. The ability to be used alongside any servo drive in the company's AKD platform, makes for ease of use in the building process for OEM's and maintainability in the field for end-users. Drives are quickly and easily installed by making three screw lock connections. Traditional panel mount systems involve cable chasing, panel wiring, tagging, and crimping - this system eliminates those requirements.

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