Heidenhain and ETEL Offer Cageless and High Peak Torque Motors

ETEL offers cageless and high peak torque motors - called the TML and TMM series - within its line of high performance, zero maintenance motor technologies.

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Aw 21665 Etel Tml Tmm Range Rgb

Both series provide the advantages of direct drive technology, an ETEL specialty, while being offered in a low weight, low-priced package with diverse and easy to utilize mounting options.

ETEL S.A. is based in Switzerland with exclusive North American distribution through Heidenhain Corp. in Schaumburg, IL. As a leading international supplier of direct drive and motion control components and integrated systems, ETEL supports high tech industry with linear motors, torque motors, positioning stages, and motion controllers/systems.

When an application does not require a motor to be in a caged structure, the TML and TMM motors are lighter, lower cost alternatives to ETEL's better known TMB model, yet still provide a direct drive technology option. And mounting is easy with both series as the TML has the lugs located along its outer diameter which provide a simple mounting method contributing to its lower cost. The TMM is even lighter and is designed to be directly glued into the machine structure.

The TML/TMM motor series is an ideal solution for any applications that have less demanding continuous torque requirements. Despite this, they are able to provide the same peak torque as the famous TMB range with up to 5,000 Nm and reach speeds of up to 2,100 rpm. The TML/TMM both come in multiple standard sizes which vary in diameter, length and power, and each model offers different types of coil winding providing more performance variations.

The TML/TMM motors are design specifically for Direct Drive applications which offer the following advantages over transmission-based devices:
•Fewer parts requiring lower overall costs
•Stable performance all along machine lifetime due to zero maintenance required on the motors
•No backlash, allowing for better accuracy and repeatability
•Smooth, precise, and efficient motions
•Compact design

ETEL takes pride in their policy of full disclosure about their motor performances. It is standard for all data sheets to list specifications at an ambient temperature of 20°C (68°F) and to be listed at the motor's maximum allowable temperature to ensure the user is able to utilize every bit of power that the motor offers.

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