ACS Motion Control: Network Failure Detection and Recovery

The NetworkBoost feature for the SPiiPlusSC Soft Motion Controller increases machine uptime by indicating the exact failure location in an EtherCAT network.

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In addition, the feature enables the network to resume and continue its normal operation without replacing the failed cable. Motion control systems that utilize EtherCAT networks are sensitive to failures of the network cables, especially those that include many moving nodes and cables. Even an intermittent failure can have a detrimental effect on motion, which could significantly impact the uptime of machines. This feature provides immediate recovery and resumed manufacturing without the need of a costly onsite technician, delivering increased machine uptime and higher productivity. There is no need for additional hardware, just an extra Ethernet port on the host PC and an EtherCAT cable. The feature is currently available with the SPiiPlusSC soft controller and is designed for all the company's EtherCAT network systems and production machines for any application where downtime is expensive.

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ACS Motion Control

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