Leine & Linde: Stainless Steel Absolute Rotary Encoders

Stainless steel versions of the ISA and IHA 600 series are for severe environments.

Aw 22731 1405np Heidenhain

Designed to provide motion control and feedback for machines in harsh environments, the IXA 600 stainless steel model is useful in applications where the encoder is subjected to salt water, acids, or other aggressive cleaning solvents, and is offered with the enclosure, flange and shaft all made of stainless steel material. This steel, EN 1.4404/AISI 316L, is austenitic and can be used in a variety of corrosive applications. The encoder is available in both solid and hollow shaft configurations. Communications with control electronics can be provided via EnDat, SSI, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CAN Open, Device Net and Incremental quadrature formats. For example, 31-bit position with EnDat plus 1 Vpp outputs can be provided.

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