Trio Motion: Entry-Level Motion and Machine Controller

A new optional format for the MC403 series motion controller offers machine builders and designers cost savings while maintaining advanced features.

Aw 22768 1405np Triomotion

The entry level unit removes the built-in DAC available with other formats of the series motion controller targeting its control functionality to pulse and direction output for up to three stepper or servo axes, but the flexibility offered allows for many other configuration options. Two- and three-axis versions are available. The "core axis' connections can be configured as pulse and direction outputs to drives, or as incremental encoder feedback inputs, or simulated encoder outputs. The three axis variant allows one axis to be set-up as an "extended axis" where the connection may also be configured as an input for SSI, Tamagawa or EnDAT absolute encoders. This flexibility means that users can tailor the controller to their machine requirements. Machine designs could, for instance, use the unit for simple two or three axis open-loop stepper systems and two or three axis servo systems, providing position and speed as a pulse and direction output (with the servo drive closing the loop). Alternatively, the controller can synchronize axes from an incremental or absolute encoder or use its simulated encoder output which can be used to time external events.

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Trio Motion Technology

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