Elmo Motion Control: High Power Density Servo Drive

The GOLD BEE nano drive delivers current of 50 A/100 VDC in harsh environments.

Aw 25497 1406np Elmo

That corresponds to a servo power density of more than 4000 W in only 8.7 cubic centimeters (0.53 cubic inch). In addition to its servo performance and its small size, the unit operates from -40 to + 70 °C (-40 to 158 ºF), and handles mechanical vibrations up to 14 GRMS. Like other members of the company's GOLD Line, it works with the company's EASII software to optimize the control results of any servo mechanism. Power capacity in increased by the proprietary FASST (Fast and Soft Switching Technology) resulting in >99% efficiency with negligible EMI. The unit operates in current, velocity, and advanced position modes in conjunction with a permanent-magnet synchronous DC brush and brushless motors, and linear motor or voice coil, and supports a wide variety of feedback sensors in single, dual and gantry loop configurations.

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Elmo Motion Control

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