Mitsubishi: All-in-One Motor Controller

The MMP-T32 motor controller integrates low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relays to protect the motor branch circuits from overload or phase loss during short-circuit conditions.

Aw 25499 1406np Mitsubishi

As a single, comprehensive unit, the controller provides more secure wiring and motor protection than a standard motor starter. And unlike a standard motor starter that is used with low voltage circuit breakers, a magnetic contactor, and thermal overload relays as individual devices, this unit incorporates all these functions in a single unit for greater motor protection than a standard motor starter, while reducing the number of required devices and eliminating about 50 percent of the wiring. In addition to being used to manually start or disconnect a motor, the controller can also be used as an IEC circuit breaker (IEC60947-2) or a UL60947-4-1A type E self-protected manual motor controller, and can function as a UL60947-4-1A type F self-protected combination motor controller when paired with magnetic contactors. The unit is suitable for OEMs and panel shops that want to downsize their motor control panels and reduce wiring time.

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