Best Selling Torque Motor Now Available in North America

ETEL presents its most well known and bestselling motor worldwide to North America, the ironcore TMB torque motor series.

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Aw 26757 Etel Tmb Rotor And Stator Range

ETEL presents its most well known and bestselling motor worldwide to North America, the ironcore TMB torque motor series. Continuing its reputation of being a worldwide leader in direct drive technology and maintaining the status of having one of the largest market shares for torque motors, the TMB series is a prime example of ETEL’s quality in performance and design, and is now available through exclusive distribution by HEIDENHAIN Corporation in Schaumburg, IL. With 3,500 to 5,000 machines being equipped with TMB motors each year, ETEL proves time and time again the reliability of its products.

The TMB motor series is designed to handle even the most demanding of applications when high torque is required. Its caged-structure design enables liquid cooling for heat dissipation and increases its continuous torque past what could be done otherwise. The TMB series also utilizes ETEL’s patented design which minimizes the force ripple while maintaining the high-torque density that other anti-cogging designs sacrifice. This will ensure a smooth motion no matter what the speed.

The TMB series comes in 50 standard model sizes with different windings allowing the user to get maximum performance depending on how much torque, current, and speed needs is required. TMB motors can achieve a peak torque of up to 31,200 Nm and achieve speeds of up to 4,500 rpm. It also has the option of coming with ETEL’s IMTHP thermal module which, when coupled with ETEL’s torque motors, enables users to reduce their amount of safety margins while receiving precise and reliable temperature monitoring. ETEL torque motors are compatible with most CNC controllers.

The TMB series is designed specifically for direct drive applications and offers the following advantages over transmission-based devices:

  • Fewer parts requiring lower overall costs
  • Stable performance along the machine’s lifetime due to zero maintenance being required
  • No backlash, allowing for better accuracy and repeatability
  • Smooth, precise, and efficient motions
  • Compact design

ETEL takes pride in their policy of full disclosure about their motor performances. It is standard for all data sheets to list its specifications at its highest operating temperature so that no special design is required to reach them, ensuring that the user is able to utilize every bit of power that the motor is capable of producing.

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