Kollmorgen: Updated Servo Drive Software

Sept. 8, 2014
Kollmorgen Automation Suite software version 2.8 and AKD servo drive platform firmware version 1.12 feature a higher performance version of the AKD programmable drive, multi-axis master, enhancements to the coordinated motion programming blocks and additions to the EtherCAT configuration tool.

The updates deliver twice the control performance of prior versions, while enabling system-wide third party product configuration to be handled by the integrator. This enables OEMs using the company's automation and drive systems to deliver differentiated machines with greater system design flexibility, performance capability, and ease-of-use. The flagship enhancement is a higher power version of the integrated multiaxis controller/drive dubbed "M1," which doubles the control performance of the company's standard PDMM and allows for more axes at faster update rates. It can control 30+ axes of motion, where the standard unit handles 16. In an application with the same number of axes, this means most applications will be able to run twice as fast based on system load testing, which is particularly helpful in synchronized and coordinated systems that rely on microsecond timing. Enhancements to the EtherCAT network configuration tool significantly improve ease of use and flexibility.

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