Mitsubishi: Servo System

The MR-JE features one-touch auto-tuning, vibration suppression, machine diagnosis functionality and high tolerance against instantaneous power failures.

Aw 26825 1409np Mitsubishi

Auto-tuning makes the system suitable for applications that require precise control of servomotors, such as packaging, labeling and machine tool applications such as pick and place machines. Auto tuning helps servomotors achieve optimal performance and allows the motors to adapt to machine-to-machine variances. Users simply turn on the one-touch tuning function to adjust servo gains. In addition to auto tuning, the vibration suppression function also contributes to optimal servo performance, while extending machine life. The system's scalability allows the user to purchase product at the required levels, and mix and match servo offerings with a single software package for an optimized solution. In addition, the system can be used with the company's FX3 Series programmable logic controllers.

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