Schneider: Variable Speed Drives

Altivar Process drives are aimed at process applications.

Aw 27660 1410np Schneider

Available in ratings from 1 to 1500 hp, the drives allow business and process optimization through improved life-cycle asset management and optimized energy consumption. Through system and equipment condition monitoring the drive helps ensure applications are performing at optimum efficiency. This is accomplished through the use of embedded process knowledge, configurable on-board dashboards and a graphical HMI display, all designed to deliver information specifically oriented to the user's application. Features include an advanced and secure integrated web server and high accuracy motor power monitoring. The drives' intelligence also reduces energy usage by adapting to operating changes, aiding in energy conservation and CO2 emissions reduction. Intuitive functions simplify set-up and provide user understanding. Operators can access technical documentation, support, and diagnostic information directly on their mobile devices, speeding up troubleshooting and maintenance while reducing downtime and its related costs. This is done through the drive's ability to dynamically generate QR codes to help solve issues immediately by directing operators to specific technical information on the drive via their mobile device.

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