Amacoil: Zero Backlash Indexing Drive Nut

The Model RS drive nut runs on a smooth shaft without threads, which eliminates the potential for clogged threads and jamming.

Aw 45851 1502np Amacoil

If debris does become lodged in the drive nut's travel path, the drive simply slips until the operator can remove the obstruction, which prevents damage to the nut and other components in the linear motion system. Additionally, less downtime is required to clean out threads and make repairs. Units are available in ten sizes to meet payload and linear speed requirements, and are suitable for vertical or horizontal travel. Each of the ten sizes is available in five different linear pitch settings. Shaft rotational speeds may be up to 10,000 rpm depending on the size of the drive. Linear travel speed ranges from 0.5 fps up to 4.0 fps, again depending on the size of the drive and also on the weight of the payload. Available axial thrust is 22 to 449 pounds and the only maintenance required is periodic lubrication of the shaft with grease. Suggested applications include material handling machines, winding equipment, test and measurement devices, parts transfer systems, packaging machines and other production, converting and finishing equipment.

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