Air Saver Unit Reduces Compressed Air Consumption

The Air Saver Unit from Parker-Hannifin is suitable for use in both new and existing factory floor air nozzle and air guns applications that allow uncontrolled blow-offs.

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The unit reduces compressed air costs by as much as 40 to 50 percent over typical constant flow applications and improves efficiency. It converts a continuous air blow to a pulsed air blow without the need for any other external control; when the blow is OFF, there is no air consumption. In a typical blow-off application compressed air is directed through an air nozzle to provide a steady stream of air at a part continuously, even when no part is present. Unlike a continuous stream of air, the pulsed air blow strikes the work repeatedly, improving the efficiency of the air blow for drying and removing debris. It also reduces CO2 emission associated with production of compressed air. It can be easily installed into existing pneumatic systems with no additional PLC programming required, offers a quick return on investment and aligns well with corporate sustainability programs and objectives. The unit is available in port sizes ranging from M5 (5 CFM flow) to 11/4-inch (530 CFM). Other features include adjustable pulse frequency and duty cycle, a silicon-free grease version for paint shop applications, and an on time/off time adjustment needle.

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