Servo Motors and Amplifiers

New from Yaskawa America, Inc. is the Sigma-7 line of rotary, linear and direct drive servos and amplifiers.

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Eighteen models cover a wide range of motion control applications, with rotary servos from 3 W to 55 kW in output. Users can choose from two direct drive servos and four linear products, including a SigmaTrac option designed for easy bolt-on, plug-in implementation. Sigma-7 SERVOPACK amplifiers offer the option of interface via EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK or analog connections. The line also includes a SigmaLogic SERVOPACK that sequences motion using the Add On Instructions (AOIs) used by programmable logic controllers. Features include nearly double the bandwidth of the company's existing Sigma-5 servos; 24-bit encoding; smaller footprint than earlier models; a new package of algorithms that correct machine imperfections, including ripple compensation, anti-resonance and friction model compensation; dual-axis amplifiers that save space; and full compatibility with the company's existing line, allowing replacement without the need for reprogramming or re-engineering existing equipment.

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