Affordable Pneumatic Pinch-Valves

The Model 600 series pneumatic pinch valves from Bimba's Acro unit are drop-in ready for fluid, air, or gas systems that use flexible, disposable tubing.

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They feature media non-contamination, fast tubing change out, and easy valve replacement, all of which help improve productivity. Pinch valves offer advantages over wetted valve technologies in such applications as adhesive dispensing of viscous, sticky and corrosive materials that eat away at the internals of a wetted valve requiring frequent replacements. A pinch valve and disposable pieces of tubing eliminates these concerns. The series is comprised of three models (603, 604 and 606) that will support tubing outer diameters up to 0.375 inch, 60 psi media pressures and hardness ratings up to Shore 70 material. Units are panel-mount ready, with easy tube loading and change-out head-designed slot features. They will be available in single-acting, normally-open, closed, or double-acting formats. All units weigh less than a pound.

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