Frequency Inverter Series Features Enhanced WLAN Diagnostics Module

Sept. 13, 2016
The Lenze i500 enables user-friendly parameter setting, storage and adjustment via a smartphone app.

The diagnostic module makes for easy parameter setting when commissioning and diagnosing motor inverters for a range of machine applications, including pumps and fans, conveyors, formers, winders, traveling drives, tool and hoist drives. A keypad, USB interface, and the new WLAN module are standard and the inverters feature the company’s Easy Starter PC tool and WLAN diagnostics over a smart keypad app. The WLAN module communicates wirelessly with a PC or the company’s smart keypad app. The Android smart keypad app is available for free download over Google Playstore. A fully-fledged alternative to the functions of a hardware keypad, the smart keypad app offers numerous benefits, including intuitive user operation and display, and wireless communications.

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