Main Burner Valves

The Fisher Type 119EZ and 119EZS main burner valves from Emerson Automation Solutions provide variable opening speeds for proper ignition in pneumatic and automated burner systems.

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Intended for use in oil and gas production, the valves can help improve oil and gas burner performance, increase reliability and reduce capital and operational expense. The 119EZ provides an adjustable opening speed for pneumatically controlled burners while the 119EZS incorporates a solenoid valve that allows it to be used with automated burner systems. Both are designed with a built-in speed controller allowing valve opening speed to be tuned to meet the burner design. Tuning the opening speed of the main burner valve to match the burner design helps ensure proper ignition of the main burner. The opening speed can be adjusted from 3 seconds for smaller burners to 12 seconds for larger burners. The units are designed to close in less than 3 seconds and provide Class VI shutoff. The integrated speed controller reduces installation cost associated with using an external speed controller. The new valves are based on the existing Type 119 control valve platform, share the same internals (diaphragm, disk, orifice, and springs) and are retrofitable to existing burner systems in the field.

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