Multi-Axis Controller

The SPiiPlusES from ACS includes a high-speed EtherCAT-to-EtherCAT bridge to address the needs of highly demanding modern equipment.

Aw 120301 1705np Acs

The unit combines the company’s motion controller capabilities with an external EtherCAT network master controller, and is used both as a node in any EtherCAT Automation Controller network, and as a EtherCAT Master controlling up to 64 axes and thousands of I/O. Acting as an EtherCAT node, it supports the standard DS402 drive protocol as well as manufacturer specific commands. As an EtherCAT Master Controller, the unit also controls up to 64 fully synchronized axes with an EtherCAT cycle rate up to 5 kHz. The network can be comprised of any of the company’s Universal Drive Modules, NanoPWM Drive Modules, I/O modules, as well as third party EtherCAT modules. Suggested applications include any that use an EtherCAT automation controller, such as semiconductor processing, laser micro-machining, electronics manufacturing and digital printing.

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