General Purpose Variable Speed Drives are Easy to Set Up

The Unidrive M series from Control Techniques now offers much improved setup and installation.

Aw 138212 1706np Controltechniques

The drives are designed specifically to make setup as quick and easy as possible, even for users without specialist knowledge. Parameter settings on the drives are more accessible; users will now find information relating to each parameter on the front of the unit, while the keypad has been laid out in a way that makes setup easy. A new resource to support the simplified setup and installation process, helping even inexperienced users get their drives up and running in minutes, is available at For simple automation processes like conveyors, fans and pumps, Unidrive M101 offers quick setup and installation with an on-board potentiometer for extra control over parameters and settings. Unidrive M200 offers greater flexibility for a wider range of applications, particularly those requiring remote control via fieldbus or Ethernet communications. Unidrive M300 further enhances the range’s capabilities by including on-board safety features like safe torque off. Each drive is among the smallest in its class, and can be fitted side-by-side to save even more space.

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