Closed-Loop Integrated Stepper Motors Feature Magnetic or Absolute Encoder Feedback

JVL QuickStep closed-loop integrated stepper motors provide higher torque, faster acceleration, torque control, stall free operation and quieter movements than traditional step motor systems.

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They do this with greater efficiency and less motor heating because motor phase currents are regulated up and down according to need. Performance of the closed-loop steppers are similar to servo motors, but with higher torque and often without need of gearboxes, reducing costs. QuickStep is a true closed-loop control system that compensates step angle errors during a movement and correct errors within a full step. If load becomes too high speed is lowered and position errors will always stay within two full-steps. Smart digital design and very high update rates (36 MHz) means there is no need of any manual adjustment or setup. It works like a perfect stepper motor benefitting from the servo motor technology. Advantages compared to open loop steppers include position feedback and control, fast and easy commissioning with no tuning needed, no stalling or step losses, faster positioning and more cycles per second and more. Advantages over servo motors include very high torque at low speed, often three to four times higher in the same motor flange size; very high ratio of inertia, often up to 40:1; faster commissioning, with no tuning needed, same price as open loop steppers and total stiffness at standstill, with full holding torque.

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