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Direct Drive Torque Motors in Smaller Sizes

Allied Motion has added smaller sizes to its Megaflux line of frameless direct drive torque motors.

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The line now covers sizes from 60 to 792 mm (2.36 to 31.2 inches) in outside diameter, with multiple stack lengths for each diameter. The motors provide continuous stall torque from 0.3 up to 2020 Nm (1490 lb-ft), with clear ID aperture from 36.2 up to 582 mm (22.9 in). Three winding designs are available for 48, 150, and 300 VDC. Brushless torque motors are designed to produce high torque values compared to standard brushless motors. They have higher pole-counts, much thinner axial dimensions and larger diameters than typical motors, and are designed to run at low to moderate speed. Being frameless, the kit motors (consisting of a matched rotor and stator pair) are suitable for OEM designs where they can be integrated directly into the driven axis. A large open-center aperture provides free passage to route cables, light beams or other machine mechanics. Suggested applications are OEM designs, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment, robot base, shoulder and joint axes, machine tool spindle drives, telescope and antenna stabilized gimbal platforms, to name a few.

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