AC Synchronous Servo Motors

Sept. 28, 2017
The AKM2G series from Kollmorgen deliver 30% more torque per rating than current designs without an increase in installed size.

The new generation of synchronous servo motors feature six design sizes with performance levels between 0.3 and 10 kW with continuous torques from .0651 Nm to 75.2 Nm. They feature a greater than 20% average increase in torque density (torque/volume) for highest torque or smallest footprint sizing. Motors are available with different feedback system choices, mounting/shaft options, connector designs, thermal sensor selections, shaft seal options, winding selections for different voltage and/or speed requirements and a brake option. Multiple frame (mounting flange square) and stack (motor length) combinations are available with overlapping ratings for optimal motor package sizing. Standard winding choices are from 120 to 480 VAC with various speed/torque performance curves. Feedback options to match application requirements and drive selection include SFD3, Hiperface DSL, ENDAT 2.2 and resolver; others will be available in the future, or by request. Connector options (as appropriate for feedback type and motor size) include Speedtec (standard for single or dual cable designs) and ytec (dual connector with single insertion at motor for size 2 motors). Units have a standard IP65 rating, and optional ratings are available.

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