Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kits

Consisting of only a rotor and stator, with no bearings or motor shaft, and outer diameters of only 43 to 90 mm, these pancake servo motor kits from Maxon are extremely compact.

Aw 159832 1711np Maxon

Available in size ranges from 30 Watt to 260 Watt, these EC (electronically commutated) frameless slotted motors feature low voltage windings and high pole pair count and are shipped as BLDC motor kits with the rotor and stator delivered separately without bearings and motor shaft. The flat design, high torque output and hollow shaft construction provides plenty of space for cable glands; this allows for a high level of integration into OEM applications such as collaborative and mobile robots, AGVs, exoskeletons and embedded robotic applications.

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