High-Performance Drilling Choke Valve Actuator

Tolomatic’s new ServoChoke SVC choke valve actuator can replace conventional hydraulic or electric jackscrew-type choke valve operators.

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The actuator meets requirements for a more flexible and reliable high-speed actuator in applications such as managed pressure drilling (MPD), set-point control or choke-and-kill. Combining an integrated servo motor, planetary roller screws, industrial-automation-grade components and an all-steel body, the unit quickly and continuously modulates with extreme accuracy and precision in the harshest of environments. Compared to hydraulic cylinders it is more efficient, accurate and flexible; compared to conventional (jack screw) electric choke valve actuators, it is more precise, faster and maintenance-free. The unit is certified for ATEX, IECEx, and Class I Div. 1 all on a single assembly. This eliminates the need for both North American and European standard choke manifold designs. In addition to its global certifications, the unit can operate at temperatures from -40 to +60°C and is sealed to meet IP67 standards. Optional marine-grade paint treatment adds protection against even the harshest offshore environments. Actuators are designed and tested for 100 percent duty cycle and are available with two speed/thrust choices: 7K (7000 lbs. thrust) and the 15K (15,000 lbs. thrust) for different operational performance requirements.

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