EtherCAT Slave Drive

The EDD-3701x motor amplifier from Galil operates in an EtherCAT distributed system where there are up to 32 slave drives and one master.

Galil's EtherCAT Slave Drive
Galil's EtherCAT Slave Drive

The drive has a daisy chain topology using standard CAT5 Ethernet cables, and can interface with company masters (DMC-500x0 and DMC-52xx0) for sophisticated applications, or with TwinCAT for very simple applications. The series can control brushed, brushless, steppers, and microstepping motors, and features eight digital inputs, four digital outputs, two analog inputs and two analog outputs. All I/O information from the drives are accessible by the EtherCAT master. This capability can eliminate the need for separate EtherCAT I/O devices. Configuration is done using the company’s GDK software: simply connect to a PC via the unit’s USB port, follow the configuration tool process, and start moving motors. The drive also comes with a setup guide to get the user from taking the unit out of the box to moving motors in a manner of minutes. The drive has a small form factor (3.9 x 5.0 x1.5 inches). It can operate in either cyclic synchronous position mode (CSP) or cyclic synchronous torque mode (CST). It also accepts quadrature encoder feedback up to 15 MHz.

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