High Torque Brushless Motor in a Compact Package

The four-pole 30ECT Ultra EC Brushless Motor from Portescap offers ultra high torque and power (up to 245 W, max continuous) without compromising on smooth operation and long life.

The 30ECT Ultra EC Brushless Motor from Portescap
The 30ECT Ultra EC Brushless Motor from Portescap

The new motor is available in two length, both of which feature Ultra coil technology that provides exceptional torque and power density with limited core losses over a wide range of working speeds without friction and brush wear. The 30ECT64can sustain peak torque up to 1.3 Nm for 2 seconds, while the 30ECT90 can provide 2.4 Nm for the same duration. The motors can sustain speeds up to 30,000 rpm, and can be adapted for most applications within the industrial markets, enhancing the life and reliability of a device without compromising on power and machine throughput, and saving energy. Suggested applications include battery-operated hand tools, including industrial tightening devices and drills; factory automation equipment such as electric grippers, humanoid robots and automation actuators and for applications where there are diameter constraints. Motors feature a laser welded front flange to ensure the strongest housing to sustain high torque reaction. A temperature probe on the coil head ensures an optimized control of motor performances in heavy duty applications. These motors are offered with hall sensors and a total of six different coils to match your speed and voltage requirements.

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