Modular Digital Positioning Controller

The EPOS4 Compact 50/8 EtherCAT and EPOS4 Compact 50/15 EtherCAT add EtherCAT compatibility to Maxon’s EPOS4 line of positioning controllers.

Modular Digital Positioning Controller
Modular Digital Positioning Controller

The fully integrated, plug-and-play positioning controller in a compact design is suitable for use in networks with cycle times up to 1 ms. The units work with both brushed DC and brushless EC motors and come with comprehensive feedback options such as Hall sensors, as well as incremental and SSI absolute encoders. FOC, feed forward and observer control allow optimal control in a wide variety of applications. The existing digital and analog inputs and outputs are freely configurable and well-matched to the functions and operating modes of CiA-402 positioning controllers. Products are set up using the EPOS Studio graphical user interface (Version 3.4 and higher) for Windows PCs. In addition to the intuitive commissioning software, Windows DLL and Linux Shared Objects libraries are freely available to make integration into a wide variety of master systems as easy as possible.

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