Soft Starters for Simple to Demanding Motor Requirements

The Sirius 3RW5 range from Siemens handles motors of 7-1600 hp.

Soft Starters for Simple to Demanding Motor Requirements
Soft Starters for Simple to Demanding Motor Requirements

The soft starters are suitable for any motor, they can be easily integrated into a new or existing automation system, and they supply data right up to MindSphere, the company’s cloud-based, open IoT operating system. Standard programming functions such as automatic parameterization, motor load ramp changes and electrical stabilization in the case of fluctuating line voltages all provide support for smooth motor operations in multiple applications. The starters can also be used with individual expansions such as operator panels with and without display (HMIs), or communication via Profinet/Profibus and Modbus. The devices are suitable for global use thanks to numerous certificates and approvals such as IEC, UL and CSA. Tested combinations for the entire motor feeder extend the range of possible uses. The compactly designed enclosure and the coated printed circuit boards contribute to a space-saving and rugged control panel assembly. The starters can be used in multiple applications thanks to specific functions—from pumping, ventilating and compressing, to moving and processing. In addition, they feature special functions such as starting time monitoring, automatic parameterization depending on motor startup, pump stop to avoid pressure peaks in piping systems, and condition monitoring with warning and alarm limits.

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