Scanner Controller

Aerotech’s GL4 scanner controller features full state feed-forward, 192 kHz servo rates and look-ahead-based velocity control.

Aerotech Scanner Controller
Aerotech Scanner Controller

The unit is optimized for the company’s family of AGV scanners to provide fast settling times, long-term thermal stability, and micron-level tracking accuracy. It uses advanced interpolation electronics to provide up to 26 bits of effective resolution while onboard real-time 2D calibration ensures accurate beam placement over the entire field of view. The ability to accurately trigger the laser as a function of position removes the need to program mark, jump and polygon delays, resulting in reduced programming complexity. By using the Position Synchronized Output functionality, scanner-based processes can now be programmed in the same fashion as traditional X/Y stage-based applications. By moving the power stage out of the head, it is possible to use higher-performing transistors to drive the galvos and the heat source is effectively removed from the scanner, resulting in improved system accuracy.

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