Stepper Motor Drive Module

The X20SM1436-1 module from B&R can be used to operate stepper motors with operating voltages of 18-60 VDC at rated currents up to 2.5 A.

New Stepper Motor Drive Module from B&R Automation
New Stepper Motor Drive Module from B&R Automation

In addition, an integrated current reduction function increases performance and reduces energy consumption. With the current reduction function comes integrated sensorless, load-dependent current control, which significantly increases the performance of the module. By regulating the current downwards depending on the operating situation and load, the module allows energy savings of up to 75 percent. The current reduction function also significantly reduces power dissipation and heat accumulation in the module. At the same time, current control results in the stepper motor running more smoothly. For self-protection, the stepper motor module has an inrush current limiter and a motor outlet with short circuit and overload protection. The module has four digital 24 VDC inputs. Three of them can be configured as ABR encoder inputs with a counter frequency of 50 kHz for 4x evaluation. In addition, all digital inputs have open circuit monitoring, which increases operational security. To detect slippage, the module has been equipped with stall detection.

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