Integrated Motors Work with Rockwell/A-B PLCs

JVL has released Add-On-Instructions that make it easy to set up and program its ServoStep integrated motors in Rockwell Automation’s Studio 5000 software.

Integrated Motors Work with Rockwell/A-B PLCs
Integrated Motors Work with Rockwell/A-B PLCs

The Add-On-Instructions for Studio 5000 makes it possible to set up the motors in five minutes or less. To fulfil the needs for diagnostics and easy maintenance in factories of the future the motors are designed for IIoT and are Industry 4.0 ready, and include a two-port Ethernet switch to reduce wiring in daisy-chain configuration (DLR). Several LEDs enable technicians and operators to get a quick status overview. The motors can be upgraded with other protocols or newer versions of the same protocol at any time. The user can switch between Profinet, EtherCAT, Powerlink, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and SERCOS. The motors’ all-in-one unit design, with motor, absolute multiturn encoder, drive, controller, PLC and Ethernet switch as well as TÜV-approved STO option minimizes the size of the control cabinet. With fewer components in the cabinet, the cooling requirements are lower, reducing both system cost and running costs. In some applications the motors can rival servo motors at a lower cost. The high torque at low speeds make compact solutions without gear possible. The family offers up to double power in same size compared to similar motors, due to higher current/voltage and advanced regulation. The closed-loop technology eliminates loss of steps and never stalls.

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