AC Drives Cover 10-6,000 hp

Rockwell Automation has expanded the power ranges and capabilities of TotalForce technology for its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T AC drives.

Rockwell AC Drives Cover 10 to 6000 hp
Rockwell AC Drives Cover 10 to 6000 hp

The drives now offer an expanded power range of 10-6,000 hp (7.5-4,500 kW). The expansion brings harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus-system configurations to a wider range of high-demand applications, including large power applications like pumps and fans requiring harmonic mitigation, and regenerative applications requiring anti-sway functionality, such as cranes and hoists. Other enhancements include more powerful adaptive control capabilities, which allow the drives to monitor machine characteristics that can change over time and automatically compensate for the changes that occur. An adaptive tuning feature uses up to four automatic tracking notch filters to block resonance and vibration that can impact quality, waste energy and prematurely wear out a machine. In addition, predictive maintenance features provide real-time information about the health of the drive. The offering includes the PowerFlex 755TL drive, which uses active front-end technology and an internal harmonic filter to reduce harmonic distortion and is now available at 10-1,800 hp (7.5-1,400 kW); the PowerFlex 755TR drive, which delivers power of 10-6,000 hp (7.5-4,500 kW), and includes both regenerative and harmonic mitigation solutions; and the PowerFlex 755TM drive system, which allows users to build the system that best fits their needs for regeneration and coordination of multiple motors in common bus configurations.

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