Outdoor-Duty Variable-Frequency Drive

The Sinamics Perfect Harmony GH180 outdoor-duty drive from Siemens handles temperatures of -45 to 45 ºC, water (rain and snow) and air laden with chemical and salt contaminants.

Outdoor Duty Variable Frequency Drive from Siemens
Outdoor Duty Variable Frequency Drive from Siemens

The drive consists of a free-standing Type 4 enclosure per UL 50E, featuring identical operation, spares and maintenance as a unit located in a control room, and incorporating virtually everything needed to integrate a drive into existing infrastructure without disrupting operations. In addition to not requiring dedicated space within the plant, all enclosures include integral temperature control, eliminating the need to install and integrate additional HVAC. Commissioning is fast and easy, typically completed in one to two days. Suggested applications are for drives operating under 2,000 hp. The system reduces overall footprint, making it suitable for plants with either limited floor space or no additional room in the existing power distribution center. The design allows it to be placed up to 2.3 km away from the motor, providing the flexibility to install it where it fits best.

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