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DC Variable Speed Drives Provide Improved Control

ABB’s DCS880 drives controls variety of DC motor applications with safety, simplicity and interconnectivity.

DC Variable Speed Drives from ABB Provide Improved Control
DC Variable Speed Drives from ABB Provide Improved Control

The drives allow users with a large installed base to get better performance from their existing systems, and to continue using DC technology while better aligning with modern AC advancements. They feature built-in functions, such as safe torque off, which prevents unexpected startup and protects people and equipment. The units are built on the company’s all-compatible, common drive platform, sharing the same control panel, features and tools as recent- and future-generation drives. Once users have learned one all-compatible drive, they can easily use other all-compatible drives — both DC and AC. Drives are also easily integrated with the company’s Ability monitoring services, which provide real-time data about drive status and performance from any location. Monitoring parameters include drive availability, environmental conditions and fault events. The drives handle advanced programming with standard IEC languages and include many ready-made, dedicated application programs, including those for a variety of cranes, such as industrial, harbor, tower and marine deck cranes. The Drivebase and Drivetune smartphone service applications connect wirelessly to the drive. Optional Bluetooth connectivity between the drive and mobile devices makes it easier and safer to access the drive in hazardous or difficult-to-access locations.

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