Compact Step Motors with High Torque

June 10, 2019
The motors from Applied Motion Products are for applications with limited space.

Suggested applications include medical devices, 3D printers, analytical and medical instruments, textile equipment, laboratory automation equipment, surveillance equipment, camera controls, pumps, consumer electronics, packaging equipment, CNC machines, robotics and more. The motors offer torque up to 22 oz.-in at low speed, and feature high step accuracy and resolution as well as low vibration and noise — important factors in machinery lines and medical equipment. The line includes NEMA size 8 in two lengths (1.24 inches and 1.85 inches) and holding torque up to 4.53 oz.-in, NEMA size 11 in two lengths (1.22 inches and 2.05 inches) and holding torque up to 14.16 oz.-in and NEMA size 14 in two lengths (1.02 inches and 1.57 inches) and holding torques up to 25.53 oz.-in. With a 1.8º step angle and RoHS compliance, units are available in both single and double-shaft versions and are available with customized cable and connector assemblies and a variety of options including flats, thru-holes, custom lengths, and more.

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