Pancake Cylinders

June 11, 2019
Festo’s aluminum-body DPCA cylinders are for new systems, while composite-body DPCB cylinders are for MRO applications.

Both models feature a choice of eight bore sizes and variable stroke lengths up to four inches, and both are pre-lubricated with Magnalube-G PTFE grease, an extended-service-life lubricant. Magnetic piston options are available for cylinder position sensing, as are sensors and other accessories such as clevises. Custom cylinders are also available. The DPCA cylinder body (left) is machined from aluminum, is clear anodized for corrosion resistance, and features a hard chrome plated stainless steel piston rod and a non-metallic composite rod bushing for added longevity and strength. The DPCB (right) features a self-lubricating composite body that offers long-service life and trouble-free operation. Performance-enhancing features include clear anodized aluminum alloy heads for corrosion resistance, stainless steel tie bolts, chrome plated stainless steel piston rod, and a Duralon rod bearing for reduced wear.

>>For more information on the DPCA, click here
>>For more information on the DPCB, click here

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