Integrated Motor with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Space-Constrained and Remote Locations

Sept. 1, 2019
The TSM14POE StepSERVO from Applied Motion includes a motor, encoder, drive, and controller combined in a single integrated motor package.

Eliminating the need to connect motor power and feedback cables to an external motor controller, the integrated motor receives its power and Ethernet communications over a single cable for greater design modularity and installation simplicity. The motor uses the company’s StepSERVO Closed Loop Stepper Technology, which provides benefits over conventional, open-loop step motor systems including higher torque and greater efficiency. Features include compact size and integrated control electronics that allow motor mounting almost anywhere; StepSERVO Technology that provides greater torque, higher acceleration rates, better efficiency, decreased motor heating, and less audible noise than traditional, open-loop step motor systems; easy adaptability to existing industrial Ethernet networks with support for common protocols such as Modbus TCP; and compatibility with readily available PoE+ switches and injectors that support the IEEE 802.3at Type 2 specification. The unit uses an integral 4096-count magnetic encoder for high position and velocity accuracy. On-board motion control using the company’s Q Programming language enables the motor to run motion control profiles on its own as well as programmatically react to messages received on the Ethernet network. Two connector options, X-coded M12 and modular RJ-45, permit the use of standard, widely available Ethernet cables.

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