Active Vibration Control System for CNC Machine Tools

NUM’s accelerometer-based active vibration control system virtually eliminates tool head vibration.

Active Vibration Control System for CNC Machine Tools
Active Vibration Control System for CNC Machine Tools

The system further helps increase productivity by maximizing material removal rate (MRR) and can also provide valuable real-time feedback for predictive maintenance purposes. It is available as a retrofittable option for any machine tool that uses the company’s MDLUX digital servo drives, which form part of the company’s Flexium+ CNC platform. Unlike other systems, the accelerometer is sampled every 100 microseconds, which means that it can be used for closed loop control at bandwidths approaching several hundred Hertz. The active vibration control system utilizes the drive embedded macros (DEM-X) option that is available on the company’s MDLUX high performance digital servo drives. This option enables real-time macros to be embedded within the drive in order to manipulate its regulation algorithms. The output signal from the accelerometer transducer can thus be used to directly influence the behavior of the speed servo control loop. The system can measure and dynamically alter the tool center point (TCP) acceleration in each of the main X, Y and Z axis directions, and to damp the vibration very accurately.

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