High Power Density (HPD) Outer-Rotor Brushless Motor

The KinetiMax High Power Density motor series from Allied Motion Technologies is designed for high-torque, low-cogging applications like robotics, automated guided vehicles, and handheld power tools.

2003np Alliedmotion

An efficiency rating of over 85% and a high power-to-weight ratio make the motor suitable for any application where weight and battery life are critical. The series is offered in compact stator-rotors sets; these are available in six frame sizes, with three stack-lengths per size and three windings per stack length. Torque ratings range from .25 to 2.95 Nm, and output power from 109 to 1171 W. The series also features a large stator bore that allows cabling to easily pass through for applications such as robotic joints. Other features include compact frameless stator-rotor sets featuring outer-rotor design; large diameter, short stack length; high torque-to-weight ratio, and a temperature sensor mounted on the stator. A Hall commutation board is also available.

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