Integrated XY Stages with Mechanical Bearings

These integrated XY stages from PI (Physik Instrumente) are engineered for higher loads.

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Stages are available with three-phase linear direct-drive motors for higher speed and ball screws for higher push/pull forces, respectively. Available with nanometer resolution linear encoders, the stages are well suited for applications in biotechnology, industrial automation, laser processing, and flat panel display testing and manufacturing. The integrated mechanical design allows for a lower profile and improved geometric performance, when compared to modular XY-stage assemblies of two single axis translation stages bolted together. Due to the improved support, planar XY tables are stiffer and flex less compared to XY-combinations of single axis linear stages, according to PI. The ball-screw variants—L-731, L-738, and L-741—can be powered by stepper motors and servo motors, respectively. The direct-drive, linear-motor variants — V-731, V-738, and V-741 — are driven by an ironless 3-phase motor for cogging-free ultra-smooth motion, for highest demands on precision. Ironless motors allow smoother, vibration-free running over a wide velocity range. Both 3 stage families provide sensor resolution from 0.1 µm to 0.001 µm, with mechanical position repeatability to 0.05 µm.

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