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Corrosion-Resistant Gearbox NPL-W

Produced in USA to support regional demands for specialized components in food and beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical application.

NPL-W corrosion resistant gearbox in optional white finish.
NPL-W corrosion resistant gearbox in optional white finish.

Wittenstein alpha, a premier provider of high-precision servo gearboxes and drive systems, has launched a new corrosion resistant gearbox to support the increasing market demand for components that can withstand processing, overspray, and cleaning environments.

Ideal for food processing, bottling and packaging machines, NPL-W features a painted, corrosion resistant housing with no gaps, depressions, undercuts, dead spaces, or visible screw heads that could provide a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. The smooth, rounded edges and the lack of horizontal surfaces ensure that any liquids are drained off completely. The sealing concept achieves IP65 (“splash-proof”) protection while the lubricant is NSF registered food grade certification.

Designed as part of the alpha Value Line family, the NPL-W gearbox features IP65 protection with stainless steel parts and food-grade lubrication. The gearbox is produced exclusively in Bartlett, Illinois, to expedite deliveries in the region where demand has soared for components in packaging and processing applications where safety, reliability, and performance is critical.


  • 2-component paint resists cleaning agents;
  • Fully Painted from output flange thru the adapter plate with 2K lacquer;
  • Stainless steel shaft, key, and nut;
  • Nickel Plated Output Flange and Pilot;
  • IP65 seals;
  • Tapered roller bearings;
  • NSF registered food-grade lubrication; and
  • Corrosion resistant couplings and shrink discs made of stainless steel complete the hygienic drive train.

 Ideal for:

  • High humidity environment;
  • Cleaning process environment;
  • Contact with food, cosmetics, or medical product; and
  • Overspray environment with risk of flash rust, oxidation, and many other Clean in Place applications.

Sizes and ratios for the NPL-W corrosion resistant gearbox

Sizes And Ratios For The Npl W Corrosion Resistant Gearbox

Learn more and download product data sheets here.

Wittenstein—inventor of the world’s first EHEDG certified gearbox
In 2012 Wittenstein designed the first IP69 rated gearbox to achieve EHEDG certification. The HDV series by Wittenstein alpha meets the requirements set new benchmarks in positioning accuracy and power density combined with cleanability and process reliability. This history of excellence continues in the NPL-W line.

Requirements on Low-Backlash Planetary Gearboxes
Low-backlash planetary gearboxes are used in drives in multiple industries. The requirements profile for these is accordingly very complex: high speeds, low operating noise, high torsional rigidity, low torsional backlash—no two applications are identical. To accommodate the wide range of requirements, Wittenstein offers the most robust portfolio of servo gearboxes on the market. Whether it’s torsional backlash as low as <1 arcmin, high speed, continuous operation, high torque, or corrosion resistant designs, Wittenstenin’s low-backlash planetary gearboxes offer the full range of motion to meet any precision requirements.

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