New Acieta High-Speed Robotic Machine Loading Cell Quickly Solves Labor and Capacity Challenges

Acieta Fastload Dr2000 2

Now is a challenging time for companies to recover fast and get production back up to speed to stay competitive in the market. For machine shops facing capacity challenges, labor shortages, and quality variability, Acieta introduces the new FastLoad DR2000 robotic cell. The cell is pre-engineered to meet the most common machine tooling needs so it's ready for delivery and installation in as soon as eight weeks.

"Companies using the FastLoad DR2000 typically see a return on investment in 24 months or less because they increase capacity and can reduce the cost per part," said Mark Sumner, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Acieta. “It's a low-risk option to invest in automation and address business challenges fast.”

For continuous uptime, the FastLoad DR2000 features a Fanuc six-axis robot that can tend up to three machines simultaneously so an operator can load and unload parts while the robot is working. This allows companies to leverage existing machines that may be otherwise not in operation due to labor shortages.

Safety area scanners and an intuitive touchscreen interface will allow workers to operate efficiently and safely.

For more information about the FastLOAD DR2000, visit or call 844-4-ACIETA. Or check out our quick video.        

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