Plug-and-Play Servo Motion Control Package

Trio Motion Technology's new servo drives and motors have plug-and-play capability with Trio's controllers and slice I/O systems which can increase the speed of application development and commissioning for OEMs.

4 Trio Plug And Play Motion Control Package

The new DX4 servo drive and MX servo motor series makes it faster and easier for OEMs to utilize the high-performance motion control available from Trio’s range of motion coordinators. The DX4 servo drive has plug-and-play compatibility with Trio’s controllers and slice I/O systems, all programmed within Motion Perfect 5, a single software application. This increases the speed of application development and commissioning for OEMs in industries including packaging, medical, metal, CNC, robotics, and electronics. The DX4 servo drive operates at 200V AC and power extends from 50W to 3kW. The motion coordinator uses high-speed EtherCAT communications, and its range can control up to 128 axes with precision accuracy. 

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