Custom-Constructed DC Motors

Find out how Menzel Elektromotoren's DC Motors can save customers money and storage space, while protecting against downtime.

6 Menzel Elektromotoren Custom Constructed Dc Motors

Menzel Elektromotoren specializes in building replicas of old motors ranging from electrically and mechanically suitable replacements to exact copies. Its new motor was designed as a reserve for two site applications, a roller motor and a coiler drive. This flexible configuration saves the customer money and storage space, while protecting the rolling mill against downtime in the event of either existing motor suffering damage. Menzel manufactured a special construction with two shaft ends, foot dimensions matching both installation sites, as well as provision for a special encoder including an insulated coupling. The positions of the terminal box and the air inlet opening were adapted to the existing connections on site. The DC motor, featuring 450 kW rated power and 530 V rated voltage, is also characterized by a high field-weakening range. 

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