Short-Cycle Transfers Up to Ten Times Faster: Rexroth Presents the TS 2 Booster Workpiece Pallet

The TS 2 Booster was developed as a component for the established TS 2plus and helps the multi-faceted transfer system to achieve more flexibility.

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Photo Pi 047 19 Ts 2 Booster

The new modular assembly for the TS 2plus transfer system reduces cycle times and positions workpieces with great precision.

  • Stations can be approached flexibly
  • Precision transportation of workpiece pallets thanks to linear motors
  • For workpieces up to 40 kilograms

Coinciding with Motek 2019, Rexroth has expanded its comprehensive range of linear motor transfer systems. At the same time, it is opening up new possibilities for the established TS 2plus transfer system. The assembly reduces cycle times, positions workpiece pallets with great precision and can be integrated in a modular, flexible manner. Rexroth has thus complemented its portfolio of transfer solutions such as the ActiveMover and the flexible FTS transport system.

Short-cycle applications have a wide range of requirements. Mechanical engineers and system operators must therefore take into account numerous aspects of transfer systems. Can the system move forwards and back again?How flexible is it? What sizes and weights can be transported? Can it be expanded if necessary?

With the TS 2 Booster, Rexroth has now shown emphatically that customer requirements are at the heart of each product development. With the new workpiece pallet, it is setting standards when it comes to speed, modularity and configurability. The TS 2 Booster was developed as a component for the established TS 2plus and helps the multi-talented transfer system to achieve new degrees of freedom and a unique level of flexibility. The innovative rapid intake system seamlessly takes the workpiece pallet from linear motor-driven sections and accelerates it to 3 g. This significantly reduces cycle times as the workpieces spend much less unproductive time before and in the stations.

In the process, these stations are approached flexibly and with great precision. The TS 2 Booster positions the workpiece pallet exactly and without additional positioning units, stop gates or handling systems. This also means that the Booster can replace a process axis. The pre-configured and standardized assembly can easily be integrated into TS 2plus systems and thus ensures quick installation times and low costs. Within the TS 2plus transfer system, the flexible assembly allows a modular structure as usual.

The TS 2 Booster allows for efficient processes in the automotive, electronics production and health care sectors as well as in controlled environments and clean rooms. With a maximum acceleration of 3 g / 30 m/s² and speeds of up to 3 m/s, it guarantees maximum productivity. It transports workpieces with a length of between 160 mm and 640 mm and a width of between 160 mm and 400 mm. Depending on the workpiece pallet size, it is suitable for loads weighing up to 40 kg. In the process, it achieves a workpiece pallet changeover time of up to 0.5 seconds.

With its great versatility, the new TS 2 Booster is the perfect and logical complement to the Rexroth portfolio in the area of linear motor transfer systems which offer users a suitable system solution for all requirements. These include the ActiveMover – a ready-made, ready-to-use circulating system. It requires minimal construction work and allows the exact positioning of the workpiece pallet with no additional indexing. Or the flexible FTS transport system, a scalable building-block system with high degrees of freedom for workpieces weighing up to 1,000 kg, which can be integrated freely into systems and machines.

Anyone who is interested can experience the accelerated transfer system at MOTEK. The exhibit at the trade fair will show visitors more than just the TS 2 Booster’s great speed. It will also demonstrate the advantages of Rexroth’s Function-Integrated Profiles (FIP) with their safe wiring and an application of low-maintenance tightening spindles.

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