Festo New Space Optimized DSNU-S Shaves Off Size and Weight of Standard ISO Round Cylinders

Oct. 14, 2021
This cylinder achieves a breakthrough in small size while incorporating reliability and performance features.

The new DSNU-S round cylinder is the latest response from Festo to the need of machine designers for smaller versions of standard components so they can shrink the footprint of their machines or production lines accordingly.

The DSNU-S, part of Festo’s core product range of always-in-stock components, is up to 40% slimmer, 35 mm shorter, and 50% lighter than its ISO counterpart DSNU of the same bore and stroke length. The DSNU-S is designed for direct mount installation and built for reliability and a long service life thanks to its low-wear polyurethane (PUR) seals and corrosion resistant piston rod and housing.

Depending on the size (piston diameter from 8-25 mm with a maximum stroke length of 200 mm), the DSNU-S is available with fixed end cushioning (P) or the Festo proprietary self-adjusting cushioning (PPS). The latter makes commissioning easier and eliminates the need for further adjustments for load changes over the lifespan of the cylinder. PPS assures perfect cushioning with every stroke. PPS offers a particular advantage when cylinders are in difficult-to-access locations.

For additional size options, consider the DSNU ISO round cylinder. DSNU ISO also provides low-wear PUR seals and corrosion resistant piston rod and housing featured on the DSNU-S. Unique features of the DSNU ISO include a heavy-duty, sintered-bronze bearing at the bearing cap and polymer bearing in the rear clevis for long service life even with greater lateral loading in long stroke or swivel applications.

Watch a short informative video on the unique features of DSNU-S and DSNU ISO on the units’ product webpage, and visit www.festo.com/us for insights into the full range of Festo products and services.