Asahi/America Introduces New Electric Actuator

Oct. 14, 2021

Asahi/America, Inc., the leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technology, is pleased to introduce the Series 19 electric actuator: offered in both smart and basic options. Compact and lightweight, the Series 19 is available in four operating configurations: on/off, modulating, failsafe, and modulating failsafe; and three sizes to meet valve torque requirements. The multi-voltage general purpose unit operates at a 75 percent duty cycle for more frequent cycling of the valve. Compatible with most PLCs, the Series 19 is an ideal choice for OEMs and skid manufacturers where space is at a premium, but power cannot be sacrificed.

All Asahi/America Series 19 electric actuators come standard with multi-voltage capability, a visual position indicator; an LED light to indicate valve position or fault; auxiliary contacts; and a QR code for easy and instant access to user manuals. The Series 19 also features a corrosion resistant NEMA 4X engineered resin enclosure with stainless steel trim to protect the unit’s reversing, brushless DC motor and permanently lubricated steel gear train. 

The smart Series 19 SAV Smart Pack® is controlled by firmware and is available in three sizes as an on/off, failsafe, modulating, or modulating failsafe unit. The SAV Smart Pack® mounts on Asahi/America Type-21/21a SST ball valves, Type 23 Multiport® ball valves, and Type-57 series butterfly valves; it comes standard with push buttons for actuator calibration and local control, an OLED screen and fault contacts. 

The basic Series 19 CAV Com Pack® is a mechanical-type actuator available as an on/off unit. The CAV Com Pack® mounts on Asahi/America’s Type-27 Omni® ball valve to provide smooth operation in a compact and lightweight package. The Com Pack® Series 19 fits Omni ball valve sizes 3/8” to 2” and has a cycle time of 10 seconds per 90 degrees.

All Series 19 actuators are CE labeled and compliant, and factory mounted and tested to ensure dependable operation.