Variable Frequency Drives

March 10, 2023

IDEC Corporation now offers a new line of VF1A Doesa variable frequency drives (VFDs) capable of driving an induction motor or a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The product family features a compact form factor in a UL open-type construction, nickel- and tin-plated bus bars, conformal coatings for corrosion protection, and a maintenance alarm signal. Electrical input is rated as three-phase low voltage AC 400V (with an input voltage range of 380-480V AC), and the VFDs come in 14 models with a capacity range of up to 139A. The VFDs also include seven digital inputs, two analog inputs, three digital outputs, and two analog outputs. A standard option port and RS-485 terminals are included, and the VFDs accept removable terminal cards for standard, 5V, and 12V/15V operation. Other features include an onboard keypad, logic programming with 55 functions, control of mechanical brakes, a built-in braking transistor, regeneration avoidance, low-voltage ride through, and safe torque off.