Contactless Material Movement

March 16, 2023

Beckhoff has expanded the functionality of its XPlanar system with new mover identification, movers for two lanes of traffic on one tile, rectangular movers, and mover coupling for higher payloads. The new bumper identification system uses serial numbers to facilitate tracking of the movers themselves and what they carry. The new movers, including the APM4221, which is designed for a payload of up to 1 kg, allows for two lanes of traffic to flow simultaneously across one row of XPlanar tiles. A third new variant is the AMP4350 rectangular mover, which  enables up to three lanes of transport for longer products. The APM4550 XPlanar mover is the largest version and can transport payloads up to 4.2 kg. However, XPlanar can transport and position payloads weighing more. Using an adapter, several movers can be connected to increase the payload linearly.