Servo with Drive and Motor

Feb. 21, 2024

The S200 Servo, consisting of a Sinamics S200 drive and Simotics S-1FL2 motor with standard or flexible cable options can be used with stand-alone and networked machines. The expanded Sinamics drive offers both ProfiNet and Pulse Train versions of a single-axis ac/ac drive. With a power range up to 7kW including low-, medium- and high-inertia offerings, the 1FL2 permanent magnet motors with 17- or 21-bit encoders expand the performance, as well as scale to the widest range of standard servo requirements. The S200 drive also features integrated brake resistor and holding brake control, an onboard positioner, one-button tuning, a built-in web server via the Siemens TIA portal, as well as a security chip and UMAC protection. The S200 Servo package meets global standards for worldwide use including UL, CE and SEMI 47.